About MyGoodwill


 What Is MyGoodwill?

​MyGoodwill is a private website for employees and volunteers across the Goodwill® network.  The purposes of the website are:  
      • To provide a venue to align our aspirations and achieve our common goals
      • To connect our diverse professional teams and local member organizations across siloes, both virtual and geographic
      • To provide real-time access to data and information
      • To help users identify experts in a professional area
      • To capture unstructured conversational knowledge and avoid the knowledge leaks caused by unrecoverable emails
      • To enable us collectively to harness great ideas from across the enterprise, distribute them more quickly, make faster decisions and improve the pace of innovation, and become more competitive

The new MyGoodwill has been developed on a Microsoft platform that will allow us to have a solid foundation to build upon for future releases. The site is optimized to view on a desktop computer with Internet Explorer browser, versions 8 and above. The Goodwill Industries International (GII) team will be researching and conducting focus groups to understand what features and functionality are needed by registered users as we continue to evolve the site.

 MyGoodwill Training

To access recorded tutorials about MyGoodwill, visit the MyGoodwill Help page.

 Guidelines and Accessibility

We're glad you're participating in this worldwide community where you and your Goodwill® peers can collaborate and share knowledge, information and resources. To protect Goodwill Industries International Inc. and web site users, we have Terms and Conditions for using the site, including guiidelines for participating in online forums.

MyGoodwill is built on the SharePoint 2016 web application platform. SharePoint leverages the accessibility features and utilities of Microsoft Windows alongside its built-in features to make websites more accessible for people with disabilities. Access more specific details about accessibility features in SharePoint 2010. If you have suggestions for how we can improve the accessibility of MyGoodwill, please send us your feedback.


Questions about MyGoodwill?

Contact: Sarah DiPasquale, Manager, Learning & Engagement