MyGoodwill and Accessibility

MyGoodwill is built on the SharePoint 2016 web application platform. SharePoint leverages the accessibility features and utilities of Microsoft Windows alongside its built-in features to make websites more accessible for people with disabilities. Specific details about accessibility features in SharePoint 2016 are below. 

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Microsoft Active Accessibility

In the MyGoodwill SharePoint site, most user interface (UI) elements, such as links, form controls, and buttons, are designed to use Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA). MSAA enables people with disabilities to interact with content by using assistive technologies such as screen readers, which are devices that provide a synthesized speech or Braille description of what a blind or low-vision user is unable to see on a computer screen or Web site.
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More Accessible Mode

MyGoodwill users also turn on More Accessible Mode, which ensures that users of assistive technologies are able to interact with the custom controls.
To turn on More Accessible Mode:

• Press the TAB key after placing focus on the page in a browser.
• Press the TAB key until you reach the Turn on more accessible mode or Turn off more accessible mode link, and then press ENTER.
• Even though the link to turn on More Accessible Mode is the first element in the tab order — which means that it is the first option that you interact with on the page — you may need to press the TAB key more than once to activate the feature. This is because the browser menus or toolbars may initially have the active focus.

More Accessible Mode remains enabled until you turn it off or close your browser.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Many features and commands are available directly by using the keyboard. You can press the TAB key and SHIFT+TAB to move back and forth between elements on any page. You can also find keyboard shortcuts for many commands.

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Source: Information on this page was sourced from the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2016 Accessibility Features page. Visit this page for more complete details. 

Questions about MyGoodwill Accessibility?

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